The psiKeds Product Backlog

(C* = Complexity [S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL] | R* = Responsible [KR, MJ, NN] | P* = Priority/Release [TC, AG, AU, PT, IR, OS, ...])

PBL-x01Organic Money DatatypeMoney shall be offered  as own datatype which must be usable by  comparations (in releations) and computtations (in functions)).LKRTC-4
PBL-x02Organic Range DatatypeRanges are no longer treated as explicitly generated sets of definite values  (which is not acceptable for larger or infinitive  ranges) but as own data types. This data type must allow to exclude  single values  or sub ranges (because of  relations) [Refactoring following the prepared description  of MJ).XLKRTC-3
PBL-x03psiKeds Brass Example DatabasesFor all features of the release brass psikeds offer simply to use and understand example databases (which also might be read as proof of the implementation)XLKRTC-1
PBL-x04 Database PKB Dump FunctionFor being able to debug the inference machine and its knowledge base logically, the inference machine is able to rewrite (dump) the loaded knowledge base in the eclipse xtext specific PKB format.MKRTC-2
PBL-x05Eclipse-Plugin-EditorThe xText-based PKB-Editor for eclipse is transferred into a real eclipse pluging and can be installed manuallySKRTC-0
PBL-x06Eclispe-Plugin-Editor-DistributionThe Eclipse-Plugin-Edtor is distributed by the method Eclipse itself prefers to distribute its pluginsSKRTC-5
PBL-y01 Range to  (Range|Value) -RelationsRelations operating on real 'organic' ranges can be used by knowledge engineers.LKRAG
PBL-y02 Range to  (Range|Value) -FunctionsFunctions taking 'organic' ranges and/or values as arguments and one 'organic' range as result can be used by knowledge engineers: the result value is computed on the base of the 'argument' decisions [Moodus Ponens] or the last argument decision is determined by all other argument decisions and the 'proleptic' result decisionXXLNNAU
PBL-y03Implied VariantsBased on the concepts of a manually inserted or automatically computed (emprirically evoked) secondary concept net of a system, clusters of variants can be inserted into logical rules by using the defined concepts as premise or conclusion events.XLNNAG
PBL-y04Conditioned RelationsRelations as whole can become the conclusion of a rule so that they are only taken into account if the premise of the rule has become true [Modus Ponens] or that the premise will become false, if the relation is not fulfilled [Modus Tollens]LNNAG
PBL-y05Complete Path (Event) DecisionThe inference machine accepts a complete path (= event) as a collection of decisions, takes all steps of this row as single decisions, and infers all corresponding conclusionsXLNNAU
PBL-y06Look-1-Step-Forward-RequestThe inference machine takes one decision, computes the conclusions as a simulation of the decisionLNNAG
PBL-y07 Database XML Dump FunctionFor being able to debug the inference machine and its knowledge base logically, the inference machine is able to rewrite (dump) the loaded knowledge base in the well known xml format.MKRAG
PBL-y08Performance testAutomatic computation of a knowledge base in form of a deep tree containing all possible events in all contexts and corresponding rules [solution must be computable]. Using this knowledge base in multi query agent scenarios.LNNAU
PBL-y09Dump all valid entity descriptionsFunction shall 'only' be offered for the knowledge engineer and shall not become part of the deduction dialogue between resolution engine and query agent. The function shall be able to work top down and bottom up.XXLNNAU
PBL-y10Complex number of PS / componentsIn opposite to the simple interpretation, a complex number of components shall allow that different PVs can together fulfill the n times requested PSLNNAU
PBL-z01Derived Secondary ConceptsAn improved support tool for knowledge engineers or the graphical knowledge base editor itself computes for each variant in the pv-ps-net all empirically evoked secondary concepts and for each system of the ps-pv-net it computes the net of all derived secondary concepts based on the primary concepts of all variants of the specific system.LNNIR
PBL-z02Knowledge Engineering Tutorial
psikeds offers a complete handout how to represent new domains and how to write new domain specific clients (requestors)
PBL-z03Program Documentationpsikeds offers an administrator handoutXLKROS
PBL-z04Improved HTML Query AgentAnother HTML Query Agent which do not use JSFXXLNNOS
PBL-z05Graphical knowledge base editorInstead developing psiKeds knowledge bases directly by using an xml/text Editor or one of the Xtext based generated editors, a knowledge engineer shall be able to link / to set up psiKeds elements graphically , especially the purpose systems, variants, features, concepts, events, and rulesXXXLNNOS
PBL-z06Graphical query agentA knowledge base user shall interact with the resolution engine by  reading and modifying resulty graphically.XXXLNNOS
PBL-z07Arguing engineThe query agent and its presentor shall be able to explain why a component has been selected and why other possibilities are not offeredXXXLNNOS