The Scope of psiKeds

Karsten Reincke, Marco Juliano and Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG) together are writing a purpose system induced knowledge entity delivery systems which is opened for the whole open source community ...

The real challenge of making AI usable is the process of representing the knowledge: It is simply too expensive to start the work of representing the knowledge for each new domain from the scratch - again and again. We need a domain independent method to do our work as knowledge engineer. We need a domain independent recipe to represent the domain specific knowledge.So, 

we need a knowledge representation environment with an integrated inference system which is designed in accordance to a general domain independent representation method and which is able to deliver descriptions of domain objects as knowledge entities.

Following the spirit of open source software, DTAG publishes and licenses the central server component of the 'purpose system induced knowledge entity delivery system' under the AGPL, the query server component under the GPL and its libraries under the LGPL:

The Structure of psiKeds

ToolsQuery Agent Resolution Engine
❍ Browser
❍ App
❍ ...
PresentorRequestor TraverserLoader

XSDknowledge base
❍ XML Editor
❍ Xtext Based Eclipse Editor
❍ ...