The psikeds Initiators

The psikeds is intended to be developed in collaboration with the Open Source Community. Initially it was developed by the following contributors:

Author Karsten Reincke

has initially invented the ideas and the principles of psikeds and implemented a first predecessor system on an ATARI Mega STE. Now he is leading the development of the reimplementation and refinement as internet client server system. Currently he is engaged as a Senior Expert at 'Deutsche Telekom AG / Products & Innovation' and a leading member of the Telekom Open Source Review Board. Formerly he worked as PMI certified Project Manager, Certified ScrumMaster, Technical Project Leader, IT System Specialist, and Programmer. Additionally, he is the mentor of the (Telekom) Open Source License Compendium and the (Telekom) Open Source Compliance Advisor. In psiKeds, he is accountable for

  • the design of the knowledge representation
  • the implementation of knowledge base editors
  • the design of the psiKeds specific resolution engine
  • software development of different client and server components
  • the project communication

Author Marco Juliano

is a selfemployed IT-consultant, software architect, project manager and coach. He has a proven expertise in creating service oriented architectures and innovative solutions for the Internet by using both traditional and agile approaches. When not developing software or leading projects, Marco enjoys teaching others to do so. In psiKeds, he is accountable for

  • designing the development environment
  • selecting the adequate open source components
  • implementing the server / client java framework
  • transforming the psiKeds specific resolution design into implementable java code
  • software development of different client and server components