Licensing psiKeds in general ...

The purpose system induced knowledge entity delivery system is intended to be usable without (nearly) any restrictions - even in commercial contexts. Therefore, psiKeds wants to be free software: On the one hand, the developers want to assure that the psiKeds kernel (server:server) is free software and stays free software for ever and for each user. On the other hand, psiKeds wants to enable third parties to develop and distribute additional tools, simplifying supplements or improving replacements (if necessary also under other licenses and even if the psiKeds authors themselves prefer to develop and use free and open source software). Therefore, the psiKeds components are licensed under different (open source) licenses:

... and in detail

The psiKeds:server:server and all its specific psikeds libraries, modules, plugins, and scripts are licensed under the AGPL v3.0: [... more]
The psiKeds:client:server as whole is licensed under the GPL v.3.0: [... more]

All psikeds specific libraries which are constituting the psikeds:client:sever are licensed under the LGPL v.3.0: [... more]

The psiKeds XSD is licensed under the Creative Commons share alike 3.0 license. [... more]
The psiKeds knowledge bases belong to their knowledge engineers [... more] .
The knowledge base editors can be licensed under any license. Some editor(s) generated by the psiKeds project will be published as open source software.
Contributors to the psiKeds project have to sign a psiKeds specific contributor license agreement which shall protect the contributors and the users against unreasonable consequences.